A few years back, when Lucy and Michael weren't quite two years old, they began making "tents" out of anything they could find - blankets, boxes, beds, even laundry hampers. So their moms set out on a search for playtents for them.

Tired of plastic, disposable toys, Lucy and Michael's moms wanted wood and charm, stability and timelessness. They wanted a special place where children could host tiny tea parties, visit the wild west, or get lost in a pile of pillows and books. A place where they could grow their imaginations.

Everything they found was bright, plastic, and full of lights. Nothing seemed like it would last through three children, much less into another generation. And so, Lucy & Michael, the company, was born.

Lucy & Michael playtents are made simply of the best fabrics, trims, and wood supports, fitting perfectly in family rooms and playrooms alike. Two years of design were led by the most important and uncompromising investigators - the children who play in them.

Inspired by fun, function, and a commitment to building personal relationships with customers - both resellers and end-users - Lucy & Michael playtents quickly caught the attention of media and stores around the world.

Now that Lucy and Michael have grown, so has the Lucy & Michael line. Fun accessories make the tents even more special, while a few other items like aprons and holiday banners encourage creative play and everyday celebration.

Everything is heirloom-quality and handmade from the finest fabrics. They're the kinds of toys that will be played with again and again.

Stay tuned for exciting additions to come this summer!

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